Features & Benefits
  • Accurate sample analysis in 35 seconds just with 60μL of sample
  • No maintenance is required due to the use of all-in-one cartridge which includes reagents and electrodes
  • Offer customized menu and screen which increase the convenience for veterinarian
  • Livestock (dog, cat, cow, horse, pig, etc.) can be set as desired by the user
  • Reference range for each livestock can be entered separately.
  • Equipped with 7-inch TFT LCD Touch screen
  • Equipped with built-in battery and easy to move device because of light weight. POC Test is available.
  • Provide accurate test results through automatic calibration
  • Provides convenient functions such as built-in barcode scanner, voice guidance, and built-in printer.
  • Up to 2 hours of sample measurement is available during the power cut thanks to built-in battery.
  • Able to store 320,000 results of samples and quality control through high capacity database
Dimension / Weight 256 X 208 X 292 mm / 5.5 kg
Display 7 inch TFT LCD, Touch Screen
Printer 2″ Thermal printer (built-in)
Interface USB (3-Port) / Serial (RS-232) / LAN (RJ45 Ethernet) / Barcode scanner
Power 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Built-in battery Up to 2 hours of sample measurement (Lithium ion cell)
Measured parameters Na+, K+, Cl
Sample type Whole blood, Plasma, Serum
Sample volume 60 μL
Sample introduction Aspiration
Sample container Syringe, Capillary
Time to analysis 35 seconds
Calibration Automatic 1-2 point calibration / Manual calibration if necessary
Cartridge type 30 samples / 4 or 6 weeks
50 samples / 4 or 6 weeks
100 sample / 4 or 6 weeks
150 sample / 4 weeks
200 samples / 4 weeks
Shelf life 18 months from manufacturing date