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It may be because you failed to completely insert the test strip. Insert the strip completely.
Check that the battery is inserted with the + side facing up. Replace the battery.

Check whether the confirmation window on the strip is full. If it isn’t, an “Er4” message will appear.
Insert a fresh strip and redo the test to get an accurate result.

Use the meter at a room temperature after 30 minutes.
If the strip is out of the bottle for a long time, it might affect the test result.
Make sure that the bottle cap is closed tightly.
Wash and dry your hands before test.
(CareSens II Product and other Coding Products) Please check whether the code number on the strip bottle is the same as the number on the screen.
If you still get incorrect test results even after following all the instructions, please consult a healthcare professional.

It depends on the meter type, and the meter can measure blood glucose approximately 1,000 to 3,000 times.
When the battery symbol appears on the display for the first time, the batteries should be replaced as soon as possible. The test results might not be saved if the batteries run out.

The minimum required volume is 0.4-0.5μL.

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